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Lucerne Hay ) is often called the “Queen of forages” and is commonly used for dairy cattle, horses and beef cattle. It has the highest yield potential and one of the highest feeding values of all adapted perennial forage legumes.  It has high protein and calcium content and a highly digestible fiber. The anaerobic fermentation allows Alfalfa to retain high nutrient levels similar to those of fresh forage. Lucerne Hay is high in protein, calcium, plus other minerals and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

We offer  1 to 2 Years contract with supply ability of 30,000 bales of Grade A

Monthly supply ability 5,000 to 10,000 bales

Lucerne Hay 25kg Max

Lucerne Hay 25kg to 30kg Max

Lucerne Hay Grade A

Lucerne Hay Grade B

Lucerne Hay Grade A


Dry Matter 88%
Humidity 12.00 %
Crude protein 19-20% (often higher)
Crude fiber 27-34%
Ash 9.5 -10.5%
Potassium 1.7 %
Calcium Phosphorus 0.10 % 0.25 -0.30% ADF 30-35% NDF 45-55% RFV 124-103
Bale weight (kg) 450 kg / 900 kg
Bale dimensions (cm) 2.10x0.8x0.875 Volume (m3 ) 1.4

Presentation: 700 kilos per bale. A 40-foot container will load 26 tons, which is approximately 37 bales of Alfalfa per container.


Grade Supreme, Premium, Standard Specifications CP (16% to 21%+), NDF (30% to 45%), ADF (30% to 38%) Packaging Double Compressed Half-Cut Bale (30Kg), Double Compressed Full Bale (60Kg), Log Bale (100Kg), MACX Bale Sleeve (450Kg), Single Press Shipping - West : SUPER LINK or 1200'  BALES standard , bulk-loaded,


Grade Standard, Premium Specifications CP (17% to 20%), NDF (35% to 45%), ADF (28% to 32%) Packaging Double Compressed Bale (430Kg to 450Kg) Shipping SUPER LINK ' 850 BALES standard , break bulk

South Africa Production

Grade Premium, Grade 1, Grade 2 Specifications CP (16% to 19%), NDF (42% to 45%), ADF (32% to 38%) Packaging Single Press High Density Bale (330Kg, 500Kg, and 700Kg) Shipping' SUPER LINK  1000 BALES standard


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HULMAC TRADING is a respected global wholesale supplier of quality forage products. Located just IN MPUMALANGA, the company has become one of SOUTH AFRICAN premier processors and suppliers of      long-fiber LUCERNE HAY and TEFF AND ERAGROTIS hay to valued international markets.